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Registration, Lodging, Application, and More

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NWNV Conference - 4/12-16, 2017 - $795.00 for Five Days (two extra days optional)

The NWNV is limited to 30 writers who will be divided into two separate groups for purposes of facilitating successful mentoring and manageable work load. But before you can join one of them, you must fill out the event application form. Please answer the questions carefully. Include 500 words of what you consider to be a snapshot of your best prose narrative (short fiction or novel).

Note that the work you submit will not be utilized for group critique purposes because our approach disallows counterproductive group critique and enables critique from professionals only. More about that on our home page. Answers to the questions on this form will tell us all we need to know. We will get back to you within five working days.

When and if you are accepted into the event we will then mail you registration instructions.

Morro Bay Lodging, Transportation, and Miscellaneous

At Morro Bay, rooms during the month of April 2017 range from $60 to $270.00+ per night with plenty of rooms on the more reasonable end of the scale, especially if you're on a budget. NWNV workshops will be held at the Harbor House Inn (Yelp Reviews), and at other locales in Morro Bay. We do recommend the Harbor House Inn for lodging purposes; however, given the plethora of motel, hotel and inn choices in and around Morro Bay, we leave it to workshop participants choose and arrange their own lodging.

The New Worlds, New Voices event is sponsored by Algonkian Writer Conferences, an organization with more than an appropriate amount of success when it comes to getting writers published. A healthy sampling of contracts and commentary can be found here. If you have any questions, please visit our contact page.

If you don't already live in California and/or won't be driving, then flying into the airport nearest to Morro Bay, the San Luis County Airport, is the best way to arrive. If you require assistance securing transportation from this airport to Morro Bay, CONTACT US. Here is an Expedia Trip Calculator page to give you an idea of costs and flights. We also recommend using HOTWIRE.COM to book flights due to the larger discounts they often provide.

You do NOT NEED TO RENT A CAR for your stay in Morro Bay. There is plenty of local public transport, and Uber in a pinch if you really need it, but most things are within relatively easy walking distance. Morro Bay is a small town, after all.

Dress is casual during the event, however, some may wish to go "fancy" in the evening.

Writers should bring their laptops for work purposes, and a flash drive if possible.

Registration and What That Includes

Registration for the NWNV workshop event is $795.00 up until April 5, 2017, but scholarships are available that reduce the registration fee by as much as $200.00. Please write as at EDITORS @ NEWWORLDSNEWVOICES.COM and tell us why you desire a scholarship. The number of scholarships is limited. Regardless, the registration fee after the above date is $895.00, and scholarships are also available during this time.

In summary, NWNV registration includes:
  • All workshop sessions.
  • All pitch sessions.
  • The two optional extra prep days - info here.
  • Any and all private consults with professionals in residence.
  • An individual and realistic work-to-publish plan.
  • The Algonkian Study and Reference Guide.
  • Pre-workshop readings, assignments, and forums.

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APRIL 12 - 16, 2017

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