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NWNV Conference - 11/08-12, 2017 - $795.00 for Five Days (two extra days optional)

The NWNV faculty mix favors editors, agents, and entertainment professionals, as opposed to most workshops that lean towards authors. Though we have at least one great author, Pierce Brown, as well as several faculty who are accomplished writers, we believe our faculty brings a more balanced and broad-range perspective to commercial project development. Editors and agents are able to offer critique and writing advice in a way most authors are not, for they see the bigger market reality and know the pitfalls when it comes to actual narrative composition, plot development, and market positioning.

Michael Braff

Mike Braff is the senior editor at Skybound Entertainment, where he oversees Skybound Books, a sci fi, fantasy, and horror imprint launched in partnership with Simon & Schuster's Atria Books division. While finding content that aligns with Skybound Books, Braff is always on the lookout for IP with the potential to be told across additional entertainment platforms such as film, TV, games, new media, comic books, and more. Before joining the Skybound team, Braff spent a decade working his way up within the editorial department of Del Rey Books where he acquired and edited bestselling and award-winning projects like Pierce Brown's RED RISING TRILOGY, THE DARWIN ELEVATOR by Jason M. Hough, the THEMIS FILES by Sylvain Neuvel.

Rebecca Brewer

Rebecca is an associate editor at Ace and Roc at Penguin Random House, where she acquires and edits primarily adult science fiction and fantasy. Her list includes such esteemed authors as Emma Newman, Daniel J. Older, Charles Stross, S.M. Stirling, Genevieve Cogman, and Christina Henry, among others. Her duties also include organizing contests for social media, answering any questions from authors and departments in the building, writing copy, as well as continuing to build my list of fantastic authors. Formerly, she worked at the Science Fiction Book Club where she selected and organized titles in a way that best appealed to the membership. In college she was Editor-in-Chief of The Publishing Club, and she completed four publishing internships. Upon graduation she worked as a bookseller and e-reader specialist, and as an author's assistant.

Pierce Brown

Brown is best known for his RED RISING trilogy. His 2014 novel RED RISING received widespread positive reviews and hit The New York Times Best Seller list. The 2015 sequel, GOLDEN SON, hit #6 on the same list and was equally praised by critics. In 2016, MORNING STAR reached #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list in Adult Hardcover, Digital Book and cumulative as well as #1 on the USA Today list. Entertainment Weekly wrote, "Brown has packed his pages with an astonishing amount of cinematic action and twists." Universal Pictures acquired the rights for a film adaptation of RED RISING in a 7-figure auction. Marc Forster is set to direct with Joe Roth producing. Brown wrote six novels and faced rejection from over 120 agents before selling the first novel in the trilogy.

Stephanie Hansen

Stephanie represents debut to New York Times bestselling authors. She's signed authors with small presses to major publishing house distribution. She received her Master's in 2008 and Creative Writing Specialization in 2017. Predominately she represents YA SF/F but has a secret addiction for romance. While these are her favorite, she handles everything fiction from children's books to adult thrillers. Previously an editor for Mind's Eye Literary Magazine, she became a part of Metamorphosis July 2016. She's seeking: YA series, adult SF/F, thrillers & romance.

Jason Hough

Jason M. Hough is the New York Times bestselling author of ZERO WORLD and THE DIRE EARTH CYCLE: THE DARWIN ELEVATOR, THE EXODUS TOWERS, and THE PLAGUE FORGE, as well as the novella THE DIRE EARTH. Hough was born in Illinois but grew up on the mean streets of suburban San Diego, California. In 1978, when he was six, his parents took him to see Star Wars, and so began a lifelong love of sci-fi and all things geek. He later worked for a decade in the videogame industry as a 3D artist and game designer. Today he lives in Seattle with his wife and two young sons.

Michael Neff

Michael collaborates with Macmillan Entertainment to develop new high-concept projects for both film and print. He is a story creator for the new novel by Macmillan, MAGICIANS IMPOSSIBLE, as well as a producer for the adaptation of the novel to a television series by Fox. He is one of two Development Executives for AEI Films and Books that produces mainstream, HBO/Cinemax, and independent films, while also developing and agenting best selling novels. His fiction has been published extensively in journals including Conjunctions, North American Review, Quarterly West, and many others, and his novel, ALL THE DARK WE WILL NOT SEE, a magic realist retelling of Reagan Washington, is published by Serving House Books. His is the creator, chief writer and editor of WAR OF THE WORLD MAKERS, a dark science-fantasy from Del Sol Press. He is also the director of Algonkian Conferences, sponsor of NWNV and the New York Pitch Conference.

Valerie Noble

Valerie Noble is the senior agent at the agency, Donaghy Literary Group. Her love of science and reading merged when she began penning her first novel in the midst of her studies. In true scientific fashion, Valerie researched all there was to know about publishing. She connected with agents, editors, and other writers, and interned for Jessica Sinsheimer of Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency. Valerie's client list includes: Pamala Brondos, Emily B. Martin, Erin Beaty, Karen Kaufman, Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown and Serra Swift, Jennifer L. Austin, Brooke Findley, Sarah Ignatius and Shane Dix . Valerie loves science fiction and fantasy (think Kristin Cashore and Suzanne Collins) but reads everything under the sun. For her, it's more about the writing and less about the genre.

Ken Sherman

Ken Sherman is President of Ken Sherman & Associates, a Los Angeles based literary agency. The company was established in 1989, and handles film, television, and book writers, as well as selling film and television rights for books and life-rights. An agent for more than twenty years, Ken is also a popular and accomplished speaker, having taught and lectured extensively at venues including UCLA, USC, Loyola Marymount University, both in New Orleans and Los Angeles, The Santa Barbara Writers conference, and the American Film Institute. His client list can be found here. He is actively searching for new high-concept SFF material.

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