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Morro Bay - Our Workshop Locale

   NWNV Conference - 11/14-18, 2018 - $795.00 for Five Days (two extra days optional)

About Morro Bay

Niched into the California coast between Santa Barbara and Monterey, the town of Morro Bay is considered by many to be the quaintest and most unique of all California sea towns--one which combines stunning natural beauty with the unique cultural vibe of the California coast.

Morro Bay is a working fishing village, but one that is brimmed with plenty of great restaurants, coffee shops, cool boutiques, and streets full of local color and verve. Local outdoor activities include whale watching, kayaking, sailing, surfing, hiking and biking, not to mention stand-up paddleboarding. And if you're into wine, San Luis Obispo County with over 280 wineries will provide you with as many interesting winery experiences as Napa Valley.

Its famous landmark, Morro Rock, was named by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo when he first charted this coast during his 16th Century voyage of discovery. A 576 foot high volcanic plug which stands at the entrance to the harbor, Morro Rock is one in a series of similar volcanic caps that stretch in a line inland called the Nine Sisters. Geologists believe it likely that the landscape moved over a volcanic hot spot through the ages.

An Aw Shucks Look at Morro Bay

More information regarding Morro Bay can be found here at Trip Advisor.

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