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The New Worlds, New Voices SFF Workshops

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NWNV Conference - 11/14-18, 2018 - $795.00 for Five Days (two extra days optional)

In keeping with the tradition of great fantasy and science fiction conference workshops, The New Worlds, New Voices workshop teaches the most successful technique and craft in the context of each writer's work-in-progress while also facilitating coaching sessions with established professionals, but just as importantly, the professionals of NWNV goal-focus their event on discovering and developing new SFF authors and projects with an aim towards commercial novel and short fiction publication. We wish to work with inspired writers of sci-fi and fantasy (and all else in-between), writers who are willing to quantum-leap their premise, plot, and storytelling skills to the next level.

What Makes This Event Different?

Aside from including professionals who are actively searching for future authors to publish or represent, the NWNV conference workshops begin long before you arrive. With an aim towards guiding you to properly focus on the type of story and narrative that will successfully sell a publisher or agent on you and your work, NWNV employs an online array of private knowledge-and-guidance forums:
  • A "Foundation and Empire" forum that asks you tough but fair questions about your work, thus enabling you to focus more effectively on such matters as antagonist role and creation, protagonist role and arc, dramatic tension in the plot line, plot points and the three major levels of conflict inherent in the story and characters, among others. This forum serves to prepare you for your event workshops and pitch sessions, allowing you to take your work to the next level more quickly.
  • An examination and comparison of opening story and novel hooks by the best SFF authors and a requirement to write/rewrite your hook based on what was learned from the examination these works. Faculty will read your work and comment on the second day of the event.
  • A posting of current SFF projects on Publisher's Marketplace signed for contracts by major commercial publishers, as well as mid-sized publishers. The hook lines of these projects allow meaningful comparison with your own story (as it currently stands), thus enabling a critical analysis and meaningful discussion regarding types of stories will sufficiently impress commercial editors.
  • A prototype sell sheet that persuades you to consider the major pitch and story elements that will be utilized to successfully market your work: title, genre, comparables, hook line, pitch, and longer synopsis (including a writing sample), thus enabling you to be pro active and begin considering these elements ahead of time. These will play into workshop goals during the event.

As a bridge from the above to the event in Morro Bay, NWNV offers writers an optional two days of pre-event workshopping at no extra tuition cost. If you wish to participate, let us know. Those who participate would arrive on November 11, Sunday, rather than November 13 (the Tuesday night before the official start date). The pre-event workshop on Monday and Tuesday will review each writer's project with a concentration on market-positioning, comparables, title, prose narrative, and major story elements. This workshop will be led by NWNV faculty, extending the total event time to seven days.

During the course of the conference, writers will hone and improve their writer voice and style by studying and applying an array of narrative, scene, and structure technique, thus enabling them to begin, enhance, and/or reconstruct their work in more powerful and innovative ways. Writing exercises are derived from analysis of a select group of works by both dramatists and authors.

Conference and Workshop Schedule Notes

Writers who faithfully work on the pre-event forum assignments, and who arrive two days early for extra prep, are actually looking at an event that lasts upwards of ten days (if productive labor time counts!). However, our schedule notes here will focus on the official pre-event evening and the following five days--each beginning at 9 AM and concluding between 3:30 PM and 5 PM.

On Tuesday night, November 13, all writers will meet for dinner in the town of Morro Bay, and afterwards, an orientation session will cover details and expectations for the next several days. On the first morning, writers attend workshops with Michael Neff and Michael Braff wherein their stories and projects are exhaustively discussed and reviewed with an aim towards making them worthy of commercial publication. Workshop advice and critique are products of the professionals in attendance, not other writers. Why? Because our approach disallows all varieties of counterproductive critique; however, participation by other writers is allowed as appropriate, though moderated as necessary. We want our writers to get the best critique and advice possible, not to ping-pong between contradictory and often ill-informed opinions. In other words, we eschew the MFA approach to group workshops.

Writers are given assignments focusing on aspects of their writing, character and plot development. On days number two and three, the writers return to the workshop to review and discuss assignments as they pertain to their work-in-progress (novel or short fiction). Writers continue to workshop their novel, and all relevant elements, prior to pitching to agents and editors.

On day four, writers will focus on pitching their work and getting reactive feedback from agents and editors in attendance, and that includes their workshop leaders. Pitch sessions will take place in private, and in the group, as deemed appropriate by faculty. Sessions will last throughout the day culminating at 3:30 PM. An hour and a half break will precede dinner, drinks, and Morro Bay entertainment possibilities.

On day five, Sunday, writers will meet one-on-one with workshop leaders to recap and arrive at a mutually agreeable publication plan, i.e., a detailed approach regarding what the writer must do following the event to remain on a realistic path to publication, and with realizable goals. On the final day, the event will wrap up by 3:30 PM.

A post-event online novel writing program will be available to those who need it, and at a greatly discounted price for the workshop writers.

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NOV. 14 - 18, 2018

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